OUR PHILOSOPHYMusic by its very essence is an art form. Recording artists employ various approach methods when producing their music but it inevitably relies on the same underlying attribute: the talent of creativity. Without creativity, art simply cannot exist. Those who have managed to achieve success and acclaim within the music industry have done so by primarily relying on their talent of creativity. Talent is unique to every individual. Some have it, some don’t. It can rarely be taught, but it can certainly be nurtured if positioned in the right type of environment. Here at the Music Production Institute, New York, we aim to provide our students with an experience that allows them to excel in their creative endeavors. Our mission is to provide students with a platform for nurturing their own talent so that they can realize their individual ambitions. Our passion here is music, a passion we share with everyone who comes through the doors of our center.

We strongly feel that if you’re considering enrolling in a vastly expensive college or university in a bid to pursue your passion for music, then you should ask yourself two questions. The first is: “How many successful recording artists or record producers managed to realize their ambitions by acquiring bachelors degrees that cost well in excess of 100,000 dollars?” The answer is very very few of them. As already mentioned, successful people got there because of their talent, not because they went to college. Unlike other professions, the music industry isn’t really interested in college degrees. It’s only interested in talent and that is essentially what makes it unique. The second question is “Why should I pay such astronomically high fees to a college or university to pursue my talent?” Because it is, in fact, YOUR talent. It’s not theirs. It’s yours! Therefore, are they really deserving of so much of your money?

If you are interested in designing the next version of Pro-Tools, then a computer science degree is probably more suited to you. If, however, your ambition is to harness your creativity and become an accomplished recording engineer and a proficient user of pro audio and music production software, then you’ve come to the right place. Furthermore, if you wish to harness your talent as an artist, then we can also help you on your way to your chosen career path. Just as technology has revolutionized how music is sold and promoted, we are revolutionizing how artists approach production.

Therefore, we feel it is important that students give appropriate consideration to determining their career objectives. If those objectives involve becoming a consummate performer or a proficient producer of music and pro audio, then we at the Music Production Institute, New York will be happy to welcome you to our community of fellow music enthusiasts.