Do the Math

Anyone who has ever researched the costs associated with attending traditional learning institutions will be well aware of the huge financial burden posed by tuition fees. Some learning institutions even charge students additional registration fees just to renew their enrollment each semester. The accumulation of these costs often leaves students in tens of thousands of dollars of debt just so they can obtain a diploma. Students wishing to pursue bachelor degrees will accumulate debt that is well in excess of $100,000. While financial aid may be available via government guaranteed student loans, it is worth remembering that these loans still need to be repaid. Any missed repayments after graduation will result in the student being contacted by the relevant collection agency. It is therefore extremely important that students give careful consideration to the type of learning experience that they wish to pursue prior to signing on the dotted line. Table 1 below contains the approximate costs of obtaining a bachelors degree in a Music Technology related field. Table 2 contains the actual cost of obtaining a diploma or certificate. Do the math!!!

Table 1

School Name: Duration: Program Nane: Approx. Cost:
  1. Carnegie-Mellon Four Years Bachelor of Science of Music Technology $230K
  2. Berklee Four Years Music Production and Engineering Major $199K
  3. Lebanon Valley College Four Years Music Recording Technology $172K
  4. NYU Four Years Music Technology Major $172K
  5. Georgia State University Four Years Bachelor of Music of Music Technology $160K
  6. University of Miami Four Years Commercial Music and Production Major $166K
  7. Ball State University Four Years Music Media Production and Industry Program $144K
  8. Bon University Four Years Bachelor of Science in Music Technology $136K
  9. Virgina Tech Four Years Music Technology Major $128K
10. Indiana University Four Years Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts $124K


Table 2

School Name: Duration: Program Nane: Total Fees:
  1. Full Sail Varies Recording Arts $78,000
  2. SAE Institute 900 Hours Audio Technology $23,150
  3. Institute For Audio Research 900 Hours Audio Recording Program $17,400
  4. Berkleemusic (Online) 12 Weeks Master Certificate in Music Production $16,800
  5. UCLA Extension (Online) One Semester Production Diploma $6,000
  6. NYU (High School Students) Two Weeks Summer Institute of Music Technology $3,400